• 1) RED SATURN (Root)

  • 2) JUPITER ORANGE (Sacral)

  • 3) MARS IRON (Solar plexus)

  • 4) GREEN VENUS (Heart)

  • 5) MERCURY RISING (Throat)

  • 6) SILVER MOON (Third eye)

  • 7) GOLDEN SUN (Crown)


    Following the great response to the original CHAKRASONICS CD for meditators, yoga instructors, health practitioners, relaxation, among many other applications,this new audiovisual experience takes Chakrasonics into a whole new frontier. This unique, one of a kind DVD was specifically created to complement and enhance the music,using flowing, soothing images , and predominantly using the colors corresponding to each Chakra. (Colors have frequencies just like music) Brain scans were performed while watching the DVD,and the research shows that the brain wave frequencies are all significantly reduced once you start watching the DVD. (see brain scan page) In today's incredibly fast paced techno-centric environment, calming the mind has become more and more challenging. The Chakrasonics DVD was designed to help the mind relax just enough to be able to take in all the benefits of the music. The visuals merge with the music to form a whole new entity, a complete, unique experience for the viewer, both physical and mental. Workshops have been conducted using this DVD, and has been very well received, leaving the participants with a greater sense of well being .

    Enjoy the journey!