PETER COR BIO: A professional musician for over 30 years, his journey has been a multifaceted adventure taking him from NYC, to LA, to Europe, and now residing in the SF Bay area. He is a Grammy nominated composer with hits recorded by Multiplatinum artists, as well as composing music for Film/TV/Theater and Dance performances. Having acquired his classical training in Europe, his Jazz training in the US, and his work with various Ethnic genres (West African, MidlleEastern, and Tibetan Buddhist music) throughout the world, these learning experiences led him to create CHAKRASONICS. Learning to meditate with Buddhist Monks and Nuns, and studying the nature and science of the mind with them was the catalyst for igniting the desire to go deep within those subtle energy fields we call Chakras. Peter Cor also studied and consulted with several longstanding experts in the field of natural acoustics and frequencies in order to make this music scientifically correct,and yet pleasing to listen to. Special thanks to : Yungchen Lhamo, Land of Medicine Buddha staff, and Randy Masters for sharing their wisdom and knowledge.