The "Chakrasonics" cd is unique in the field of relaxation/meditation music . Composer peter cor combines the science of how sound affects the mind and body, With many years as a multiplatinum composer / musician. Our body can be tuned through it's 7 energy centers (chakras) using the Correct musical tones / frequencies / and tunings for each center. Brainscans confirm that the music follows those frequencies and brainwave activity Is significantly lowered, and brings about a relaxed stated of well being, as His numerous workshops have proven. "chakrasonics" is presently beeing used by chiropractors, pt's, (see testimonials) For yoga, relaxation, and meditation, among many other uses.
Enjoy the journey!

1) Red Saturn (root chakra)
2) Jupiter Orange (sacral chakra)
3) Mars Iron (solar plexus chakra)
4) Green Venus (heart chakra)
5) Mercury Rising (throat chakra)
6) Silver Moon (third eye chakra)
7) Golden Sun (crown chakra)